Collection: Trans Flags

What are Trans flags

Trans flags are three colored strip designs which represent the transgender family. The transgender flag was designed by an American transgender activist, Monica Helms and adopted by the transgender community in 1999. As a transgender activist or person, the light-blue, light-pink and white trans flag is your pride flag. You can flaunt this at any transgender events, village or even your personal house.

What are the symbols of the trans flag

There are three colors on the trans flag with each bearing its own symbol in the transgender family. In the transgender family, one is either a boy, a girl, neutral or transitioning from being either a boy to a girl or a girl to a boy.


The two light-blue stripes which wall the flag represents the baby boys. 


The light-pink which follows the light-blues on both sides of the flag symbolizes the baby girl.


The white color represents the point of transition or neutrality. If at the moment you are still undecided as to whether you are a baby boy or baby girl, then you belong to the white spectrum of the transgender family. If you are still transitioning from being either baby boy or baby girl to the other, then you equally belong here in the white category. 

Importance of the trans flags


Trans flags are symbols of pride with which you can boldly showcase yourself and advertise what you believe in. Getting a trans flag for yourself is proof of the pride you take in who you are.


We all are not made to be the same, you have the right and freedom to become what you choose and this is what the trans flag represents. 


There is no other way you can make the world recognise and know you for who you are except by boldly flying your trans flags. Trans flags give you that recognition you deserve as a transgender.