Collection: LGBTQ+ Stickers

What are LGBTQ+ Stickers?

This is a product that shows the world where you stand about the LGBTQ+ community. These stickers provide more than 250 styles and sizes. It's also great if you want to add flair to your appearance. LGBTQ+ Stickers have high opacity adhesive vinyl and are durable which makes them ideal for regular use.

 The excellent high-quality vinyl ensures there are no bubbles during the application of these stickers.  It's important to clean the surface before you apply these LGBTQ+ Stickers.

Why should you get an LGBTQ+ Sticker?

This sticker is recommended because of the following reasons :

Pride Gift

You can buy these quality stickers and give them to people you care about. This LGBTQ+ sticker is ideal for spreading love on cars, laptops, phones, and windows around your house.

LGBTQ+ events

When going to any LGBTQ+ events, these stickers can compliment your outfit, face paint, and Flags. It is a nice accessory for pride marches, carnivals, events, and festivals.

Sense of Belonging 

The LGBTQ+ Stickers gives you a sense of belonging with the LGBTQ+ community. When you are seen with the stickers, everyone knows you support the LGBTQ+ cause. 

Great Quality

The LGBTQ+ Stickers come with the highest quality materials. It is produced with an innovative UV print process which makes it a good choice for people who want a durable pride material.

Features of the LGBTQ+ Stickers

The features of these stickers are :

Simple to use

With a size of 2.5/3.5 inch, these stickers can be used on any surface. However, ensure they aren't used on rough or uneven surfaces for best results.

Ultra Removable

This is a high-quality removable material that doesn't have bubbles. The product is perfect for bedroom doors, walls, windows, furniture, and bumpers. It doesn't leave any mess or sticky residue when removed.