Collection: LGBTQ+ Shoelaces

What are LGBTQ+ Shoelaces?

These are standard flat shoelaces that are adorned with Lesbian Pride colors. These laces give you a fashion sense and a perfect for showing solidarity for LGBTQ+ rights at all pride events. The designs of these shoelaces show an appealing pride representation and they are made from recycled PET materials. This is a vibrant, durable and highly flashy product.

Features of LGBTQ+ Shoelaces

Here are some important features of this product :


The LGBTQ+ Shoelaces are made from a robust polyester wave which makes it highly resistant. This is suitable for sports such as skates and hiking.


These LGBTQ+ Shoelaces come in two distinct lengths. There is a 45'' standard Lengths which is ideal for casual trainers and fashion shoes. Also, there is a 54''Long Lengths which is better than trendy sneakers and boots.

Lock sets

You can combine these shoelaces with locks to match pride colors. The lock sets for this product include lace locks and pride shoelaces. If you want an elegant look and want to adorn yourself with Pride colors this is a product you should get.

Why should you wear LGBTQ+ Shoelaces?

Here are some reasons why buying these laces are recommended :

Show support for LGBTQ+ rights

If you support LGBTQ+ and are looking for an ideal product to show support, these trendy laces are a good fit. They come in all the Pride colors that can be worn to any event.


Aside from wearing them to show support for the LGBTQ+ cause, they are great for fashion. They give an excellent look and show both style and status. They are a good replacement for traditional laces.


These laces offer a versatile purpose because they can be worn on a variety of shoes. Also, there are no social events where you can't wear these shoes. You can never go wrong with these LGBTQ+ Shoelaces.