Collection: LGBTQ+ Bracelets

What are LGBTQ+ bracelets

LGBTQ+ bracelets are rainbow flags made into bracelet wears either for the waist, ankles or wrists. LGBTQ+ bracelets are designs won for pride and recognition of LGBTQ+ persons and LGBTQ+ supporters. LGBTQ+ bracelets come in the rainbow pride colours of red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet. The transgender colours of light-blue, light-pink and white. 

Benefits of LGBTQ+ bracelets

Defines your sexual identity

With LGBTQ+ bracelets you can perfectly define your sexual orientation as well as your LGBTQ+ spectrum. LGBTQ+ bracelets are some of the best ways to introduce yourself both to the world and to fellow LGBTQ+ persons. 

Saves you of identity embarrassment

You can save yourself from the embarrassment of being improperly addressed as what and who you are not by simply wearing your LGBTQ+ bracelets properly. Imagine being addressed as a baby boy when you actually identify as a girl. Your LGBTQ+ bracelets can save you from such embarrassments.


LGBTQ+ bracelets make you take pride in who you are as well as well as make your community visible to others. LGBTQ+ bracelets are source of pride for you and for other LGBTQ+ persons

Beautifies you

LGBTQ+ bracelets come in various beautiful colours that can really beautify you and enhance your elegance. You need to really look up for that perfect weave that will give you that desired elegance, even as you desire to be properly defined and identified.

Features of LGBTQ+ bracelets

Come in Varieties

LGBTQ+ are handmade bracelets and come in varieties of wrist bracelets, anklets and waist beads. You can make your order for the variety of your choice.

They are adjustable

LGBTQ+ bracelets are adjustable and can be fastened into your choice size. LGBTQ+ bracelets are also elastic, especially the waist bead. This enables you to grow with them or even measure the rate at which you add with them.