Collection: LGBTQ+ Badges

What are LGBTQ+ badges

LGBTQ+ badges are pride badges worn by LGBTQ+ persons as a mark of identification and visibility. LGBTQ+ badges have no specific sizes or shapes, what is important is the colour. You can choose any animal of your choice and design it with the pride colours for your wears, bags, books or any other property that you wish to place the badge on. 

You LGBTQ+ badges can carry the rainbow flag colours or the trans flag colours. These colours come in varieties and combinations of the rainbow colours such as red, green, pink, turquoise, white, yellow and indigo.

Importance of LGBTQ badges

Identifies who you are

With LGBTQ+ badges you do need to explain who you are or what you believe in. LGBTQ+ badges tell whether you are gay, lesbian or transgender. Meeting a fellow LGBTQ+ for the first time? With your LGBTQ+ badges, you definitely do not need to explain yourself, always carry your LGBTQ+ badges and they will do the job for you.

Makes you bold and proud

LGBTQ+ badges showcase your boldness and pride in who you are. They are strong proof that you are not scared or ashamed of who you are, especially when you wear them wherever you go.

Proves you are welcoming

Wearing LGBTQ+ badges is a way to show that as an employer or leader, you are receptive to those who are LGBTQ+ and you are ready to welcome and work with them without discriminating.

How to make your LGBTQ badges

LGBTQ+ badges aren't hard to make. Pick a colour of your choice and which defines you from the rainbow flags or trans flags. Choose an animal or shape of your  choice. Print your chosen colour on a quality fabric and attach it to your bags. You can also order your LGBTQ+ badges online or buy them in LGBTQ+ shops.