Collection: Lesbian Flags

What are Lesbian Flags?

Lesbian flags signify pride, inclusiveness, and visibility for the lesbian community. Lesbians use this flag to show their sexual orientation, promote acceptance, and create understanding. 

Lesbian flags are often used alongside other pride flags from the gender and sexual minority communities. The lesbian flag is a simple design with seven stripes of different colors with a meaning. The colors are:

  • Dark orange: Gender non-conformity and independence.

  • Orange: Community.

  • Light orange: Relationship to womanhood.

  • White: Allyship and peace.

  • Pink: Represents femininity.

  • Dusty pink: Diversity.

  • Dark Rose: Same-gender love and attraction.

The Importance of Lesbian Flags

The importance of lesbian flags includes the following:


The flag allows lesbians to be recognized and respected for their sexual orientation. By flying the flag, individuals can show their pride and visibility.


The flag represents unity with other members of the LGBTQ community. It shows solidarity with people who identify as part of the third sex and supports the movement for equal rights.


The flag shows the inclusiveness of the lesbian community. It signifies that individuals support the rights and well-being of people who identify as lesbians.

Features of the Lesbian Flags

Here are some features of the lesbian flag you should know:


Lesbian flags are made of lightweight fabric and can withstand gentle breezes. The material used is durable and doesn't tear easily.


You can find lesbian flags that are brand new and of good quality. To get the best value for your money, purchase your lesbian flag from a reliable store.


Lesbian flags come in various sizes, from small hand-held versions to large banners. The flag's size depends on the buyer's needs and preferences.


The Lesbian Flag is designed with simplicity in mind. It has three horizontal stripes of equal size, which include pink, orange, and white.