Collection: Gender Fluid Flags

What are Gender Fluid Flags?

Gender Fluid Flags are produced from polyester material. This pride flag was designed in 2012 by JJ Poole who is a Pansexual. It was created for people who don't fit into the heteronormative society. The Gender Fluid Flags encompasses all gender that's why the flag has five stripes with different meanings. They are :

  • Pink - Femininity
  • Blue - masculinity
  • Purple - Masculinity and Femininity
  • Black - No Specific Gender
  • While - All Genders

The flag comes in different finishes and sizes depending on what you desire.

Different Types of Gender Fluid Flags

While they are made from Polyester, there are different weaves used to suit different conditions, they are :

Knitter Polyester Flag

This Gender Fluid flag comes in a lightweight fabric and is designed for multipurpose use. This type is great for moderate weather conditions as it can fly easily with a small breeze. This isn't a good type for areas with high wind.

Woven Polyester flag

This type of Gender Fluid flag looks like linen and comes with a heavy-duty weave. It is recommended for high-wind areas and can be used indoors and outdoors.

Fully Sewn Flag

This category of Gender Fluid Flag is designed from woven polyester however the pattern is sewn into woven favor. They are an excellent choice for areas with Strong winds and are very durable.

How to Maintain the Gender Fluid Flags

If you want the Gender Fluid Flag to last, here are some care tips :

Rest the Flag overnight

Avoid flying the Gender Fluid Flags at night because the winds are more strong. Take them down during the dusk and put them on at dawn.

Avoid contact with harsh substances

Don't let the Gender Fluid Flags have contact with corrosive and harsh elements. Even if it becomes dirty, avoid using solvents or other dangerous products to clean the surface.

Avoid flying in bad weather

While some types of gender-fluid flags can cope in strong weather, it isn't advisable to fly them in bad weather. When you notice there are strong winds and storms take them down.