Collection: Asexual Flags

What are Asexual Flags?

Asexual Flags is a simple four-bar design flag that symbolizes unity, inclusiveness, and visibility of Asexual people. It is a popular flag of members of the LGBTQ who want to show the world their sexual orientations. 

This flag doesn't make any reference to any nation and fits perfectly with designs from the Gender and Sexual Minority community pride flags. The asexual Flags come in four unique colors and have different meanings :

  • Purple - Community

  • White - non-asexual allies and partners

  • Grey - Demisexuality and gray-asexuality

  • Black -Asexuality

The Pride flag is one of the most important materials used by the LGBTQ community to show their sexual inclinations. This flag is an identity marker which is owned by many asexuals. 

The Importance of the Asexual Flag

Here are some important asexual Flags :


This flag allows asexual people to be identified with their sexuality. When you have this flag, you are known and respected for your sexual choice.


By having an asexual flag, an individual stands with other members of the LGBTQ community. It shows solidarity with members of the third sex who want to be identified.


The asexual flag signifies the inclusiveness of the holder in the LGBTQ community. This flag shows that you support the third-sex cause and are a member of the community.

Features of the Asexual Flags

Here are some features of the asexual flag:


This flag is usually designed with lightweight fabric. It doesn't tear easily and will fly in gentle breezes. It is made from natural fabric and doesn't wear out easily. 


This is 100% brand new and comes in unique quality. If you buy these asexual flags in the right store, you are assured of top-quality material.

Without a flagpole

Asexual Flags come alone as poles aren't included in them. You will need to carve a pole or buy one which will fit appropriately.